By  Jeff Damulira


Eric Thomas is an amazing motivational speaker whom I love listening too on a daily basis. The type of guy who reignites that fire within you. For people who want to achieve great things in life—should listen to this guy. Likewise, it’s like stepping into a battlefield or competition and you need that coach to motivate, inspire and lift your spirit up 🙂 !

Nevertheless, his new book“Average Skill Phenomenal Will”   is available on http://shop.etinspires.com/products/aspw.



Expansion of Megabridge Foundation

By Jeff Damulira

16572171097_13ae2713c7_o-300x300 Mega Logo

Joseph Gichoni is the founder of the Megabridge Foundation, a Kenya- based non-profit working with the eco system and enhancing the local community. However, their aims is to reinforce new skills for rural men and women with a surge of self reliance and entrepreneurship.  However, utilising the extensive land of planting 400,000 assorted species of native trees; they are willing to educate local people on conservation and preservation of wildlife.  Although, I think it’s an amazing idea— hopefully, they are able to get the precise investors that are willing to invest in his amazing enterprise.



MicroVolunteering( Skillsforchange.com)

By Jeff Damulira


I have just discovered this site by accident. But, it was uncanny realization to find out that you can microvolunteer for free in 10 min to more than 2 hours. However, it is an amazing site to find talented and creative people on skillsforchange.com; that are willing to give free and viable advice to different enterprises, organizations and businesss.


Furthermore, there is microvolunteers that are willing to find an viable marketing and campaign strategy to elevate your business to another level. The wide range of help is immense from fundraising, social media marketing campaign, web design, blogging and research.


Crowdsourcing and execution of projects in a matter of minutes by phenomenal people 🙂