Mayan Power and Light

ATC is a non-profit organization with extraordinary innovation and development of technology that has reshaped and exponentially improved the quality of life for low income people from all around the world.

ATC works in alliance with students, professionals, volunteers and local community members to develop technologies that are reinvigorating- the sense of cohesiveness in the community. ATC provides a program that enhances- the quality of life for thousands of thousands of people.

Since, the establishment of The Appropriate Technology Collaborative, there has been phenomenal innovations of solar vaccines refrigerator; a treadle Pump design for rural farmers; solar LED lights to replace kerosene lamps and bio-charcoal maker for water purification. However, ATC has brought hundreds of volunteers, professionals and students in cooperation with people from local community in Guatemala, Nicaragua and India.

Furthermore, in 2013, they have developed an epiphany and a vision to create Mayan Power and Light( MPL), a program that is based on educating young Guatemalan Mayan women about circuits, electricity and solar power. Their visionary goals is to commence a women- owned for profit solar businesses and to diversify into other Latin American and Caribbean countries.

The first majority women- owned solar business started in 2014- with SEA Solar. Through SEA and previous solar endeavors- they have provided solar power and light to 5,000 to 10,000 people in the western highlands in remote parts of Guatemala.

Their track record of achievements has elongated from offering science, technology, engineering and mathematics based curriculum to remodel and shape the vision of the local community. Likewise, they have trained 12 women mentors to teach the MPL program
in Guatemala.

Moreover, MPL has business incubation services are delivered by a group of professionals who have years of experience of starting successful sustainable businesses in Guatemala. Moreover, thousands of people have been reinvigorated each morning to Mayan Power and Light’s solar lights; with reinforcement of an efficient breathing cleaner air, seeing with better light and achieving greater work productivity- than ever before.

The MPL has discovered the ability to appeal to the self-interest of the people in the local community- by improving their health and overall well-being with opportunity-creation programs and technology designs to galvanize and reshape the development of the community.

However, the accomplishment and overall achievement is extremely impressive with offering solar lighting in a least economically developed countries; which has made an positive impact in the household productivity and educational advancement for low-income children.


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